Why You Need to Make Google an Integral Part of Your Job Search Strategy

Your job search strategy requires you to have a strong mix of networking, applying for jobs online, creating a solid resume and building your portfolio/experience. However, the most important tool that you will be using in your job search is Google. Utilizing Google for its powerful search function will definitely help you when you areContinue reading “Why You Need to Make Google an Integral Part of Your Job Search Strategy”

3 Quick Ways to Build Your Online Experience

Companies have always craved experience and that is often difficult to fufil if you are a recent graduate and new in the workforce. So how to you turbo-charge your experience section on your resume quickly? One of the best things to do is to go out to a few non-profits and local businesses and askContinue reading “3 Quick Ways to Build Your Online Experience”

How to Research your local Job Market

Before diving full throttle into your job search it might be a good idea to do a little research on your local job market. Doing this can give you some insight on the biggest industries that are hiring in your local area as well as future trends of employment. It also gives you a perspectiveContinue reading “How to Research your local Job Market”

Using Google Jobs for your Search

Google is already an essential component in any job seekers tool kit. It is easy to use and gives you the timely information you need. Recently Google has enriched their search palate by introducing Google Jobs. It’s a great and easy-to-use to tool when you’re on the job hunt. How do you access it? SimplyContinue reading “Using Google Jobs for your Search”

5 Useful Apps on G-Suite for Job Seekers

The powerful G-Suite offered by Google is one of the best tools for any job seeker out there. Its not only easy to use, it’s free! Although the G-Suite has a host of awesome applications let’s focus on 5 of them that will definitely keep you organized and provide useful tools to build your resumeContinue reading “5 Useful Apps on G-Suite for Job Seekers”

5 Must-Use Online Job Search Resources

In the last decade we have seen the explosive growth of social media, the internet and the use of smart phones. Job seekers have also accustomed themselves with using the internet more and more in order to find and apply for jobs. 5 of the most popular online tools include Google and Indeed.com. They areContinue reading “5 Must-Use Online Job Search Resources”