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Why You Need to Make Google an Integral Part of Your Job Search Strategy

Your job search strategy requires you to have a strong mix of networking, applying for jobs online, creating a solid resume and building your portfolio/experience. However, the most important tool that you will be using in your job search is Google. Utilizing Google for its powerful search function will definitely help you when you are

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4 Ways to Getting the Most Out of Your Job Search Resources

Before getting totally immersed in your job search it is important to understand the resources and tools you are using. Here are 4 ways to getting the most out of your job search resources: 1. Google As discussed before Google is perhaps one of your most important resources when you are finding job. Indeed, for

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Using Google Jobs for your Search

Google is already an essential component in any job seekers tool kit. It is easy to use and gives you the timely information you need. Recently Google has enriched their search palate by introducing Google Jobs. It’s a great and easy-to-use to tool when you’re on the job hunt. How do you access it? Simply

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