Developing Your Career: Education (Pt.1)

Education is a fundamental element to building and developing a successful career. Many jobs these days require a decent educational background. Even if you don’t have a college or university education there are ways you can learn and get certificates, diplomas or degrees. Doing a quick Google search you will find there are many onlineContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Education (Pt.1)”

3 More Ways to Invest in Your Career (Pt.2)

There are so many great ways to invest in your career! Take some time and research ways that you can learn more while expanding your professional network. Here are three more ways you can invest in your career: Attend Industry related events Getting out and connecting with profesisonals in your field and/or industry is aContinue reading “3 More Ways to Invest in Your Career (Pt.2)”

5 Ways to Invest in Your Career (Pt.1)

It’s a always a good idea to invest in your career even if you set aside a few hours a week–it can certainly make a difference! Here are 5 ways you can already start adding value to your career: 1.Education You can’t go wrong with taking a university, college or online course. Find ones thatContinue reading “5 Ways to Invest in Your Career (Pt.1)”

4 Reasons you Should take Online Courses

Having a healthy mix of a degree, diploma and/or certificate courses can certainly help your career progress especially with heavy competition in the job market. However, have you ever considered taking online courses to augment your present knowledge and skill sets? If you haven’t there are several respected online course sites that offer an amazingContinue reading “4 Reasons you Should take Online Courses”

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Career Profile

Adding ‘value’ to your career profile is an important process to your professional development. It includes: taking training/certificate courses, building your network and even doing volunteer work! It is also about self-discovery and learning more about your strengths and areas of opportunity. Here are 5 ways to add value to your career profile. 1. ExpandContinue reading “5 Ways to Add Value to Your Career Profile”

How to Sell Your Education to Hiring Managers

Having a strong work history is important–it’s also great having a decent education. However, did you know that your education can somwtimes work against you? Too much education may reflect a focus on more theory than real world application. Ok, so you have a degree or a few certificates. However, the bottomline is if it’sContinue reading “How to Sell Your Education to Hiring Managers”

4 Ways to Invest in Your Career

When we are doing something that we loved it’s an amazing feeling! Whether its working at a great company or being an entrepreneur, it’s always wise to continue to invest in your career. Here are 5 ways that you can invest in your career: 1. Education. Expanding your knowledge is an amazing thing that youContinue reading “4 Ways to Invest in Your Career”