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How to Write a More Engaging Resume

If you want to get a better response from potential employers you should consider revising your resume. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is creating a more engaging resume. So what does this mean? How can you accomplish this? When rewriting your resume consider the prospective of the hiring

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5 Tips to Writing a Better Coverletter

A coverletter is an introduction to your resume. It should typically be 1 page (but can stretch to 2 pages if you are an experienced professional) and expands on your career highlights, a specific project or experience and showcase your real world skills and/or education. Coverletters can be a great way to really showoff a

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How to become a Coverletter Storyteller!

Your cover letter is a gateway that the reviewer opens up before entering into your resume. It is an important piece of the application because it introduces YOU to potential employers. Therefore it must highlight a major accomplishment as well as experience and skills that came as a result of it. Think of a cover

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