How to Build Your Brand in Your Local Community

Creating and building a business in your local community can be an exciting way to earn a living. However, even if people do know you– you still have to brand and market your company well in order to acquire business. It takes time and effort (on top of the work you already do with yourContinue reading “How to Build Your Brand in Your Local Community”

Creating Community Projects with Purpose

Communities are places where people with different experiences and backgrounds live and thrive together. So many amazing things happen in communities: people coming together at events or associations….there is always something going on! Now, would you want to be a bigger part of your community? How about contributing in someway? One such way is creatingContinue reading “Creating Community Projects with Purpose”

The Importance of Learning more about Your Local Community

Learning more about your community is a vital part of your personal and professional growth. Of course its not an obligation on your part to do it–the pros simply out weigh the cons. Connecting with your community can give you an increased awareness of the people, businesses, organizations and non-profits. Getting a better understanding ofContinue reading “The Importance of Learning more about Your Local Community”