Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.2)

As you understand the job market more and where you fit in–you will realize how effectively you can leverage your knowledge and experience for better opportunities. It might be a tough thing to do at first but you must assess your experience and skillsets in order to fully comprehend what a company may want fromContinue reading “Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.2)”

Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.1)

If you have been in the work force for a while you have skillsets and experience that many companies crave for. However, you must properly leverage your experience in order to fully earn what you are deserving of. You must truly understand what you can offer a company–experience that equates to results and getting theContinue reading “Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.1)”

Growing Your Global Network

With internet, social media and frequency of travel we truly live in a global village. And in saying that, you have the capabilities and resources to create a powerful global network. It is vitally important to build a consistent network where we can draw ideas from and professional favours. Using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn youContinue reading “Growing Your Global Network”

Growing Your Career Using Facebook

LinkedIn is often seen as the go-to social networking platform when it comes to professional networking. But how about Facebook? When utilized in a professional and methodical manner it can be a powerful tool in helping you grow and develop your career. Unlike LinkedIn, you can let your guard down and enjoy what social mediaContinue reading “Growing Your Career Using Facebook”

Creating a Career- Development Strategy

Do you have a strategy that outlines your career path and development? You might not believe it is needed, but if you spend some time creating one–things might become a bit clear. Creating a career development strategy isn’t hard. First, what is your overall aim from your current job? Are you building experience in orderContinue reading “Creating a Career- Development Strategy”

What is the Key to Your Success?

If you are deciding on a career path or trying to make sense of your current situation it is a good idea to look around for success. Who has had a successful career around you? Find out and utilize their experience to your advantage. Make sure you ask them questions relating to their skills ddevelopment,Continue reading “What is the Key to Your Success?”

Integrating Technology into Your Career Development (Pt.3)

In order to have long and fruitful career you must adapt. Technology is an amazing opportunity for you to expand your career because the possibilities are endless–it is all around us and something we apply everyday. Why not apply it towards the growth and development of your career? Your career doesn’t have to be basedContinue reading “Integrating Technology into Your Career Development (Pt.3)”

Developing Job Skills for the Future (Pt.3)

As our global economy continues to grow so does the opportunities to develop new and exciting job skills for the future. We have a unique opportunity to find out what companies and organizations want via the internet–social media, web site searches and networking. We have the power right at our finger tips to develop jobContinue reading “Developing Job Skills for the Future (Pt.3)”

Developing Job Skills for the Future (Pt.1)

As urban centre increase in populations as a result of technology–jobs and career paths are modified. You may believe that smart cities are still a while-you are mistaken. The future is now thus and upgrading or acquiring new skills is imperative to thriving in our new world. Discovering how your current region is growing (asContinue reading “Developing Job Skills for the Future (Pt.1)”

Professional Network Development is Key to Self & Professional Growth

Growing in both your personal and professional life are important in order to develop your career, connections and even improve your quality of life. Becoming an expert in building your network shouldn’t be a chore but a life-long commitment to your development to learning and social growth. You find out new things by meeting newContinue reading “Professional Network Development is Key to Self & Professional Growth”