Developing Your Career: Professional Groups & Meetups (Pt.5)

It is important to develop and grow your professional network and one good way to do it is through meetups. You can easily find meetups in your local area by using LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Groups and various apps. There are so many different meetups happening so be sure to be specific on a niche orContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Professional Groups & Meetups (Pt.5)”

Developing Your Career: Mentorship (Pt.4)

If you have a mentor count yourself as lucky! Mentors are invaluable resources that can provide you with their wealth of experience and knowledge to help you along in your career and life. If you don’t have one try reaching out to people you trust and find one. Although it might be tough locating aContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Mentorship (Pt.4)”

Developing Your Career: Different Experiences (Pt.3)

Sometimes we aren’t fully engaged in any one job. That’s ok! You have a chance to check out what’s out there and find out what you might want to do. Try out different jobs like customer services, sales or marketing. Be open to discovering new ways of applying yourself in different work situations. However, beContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Different Experiences (Pt.3)”

Developing Your Career: Training (Pt.2)

Training is a great way to increase your knowledge base and further your career. Always be open to training oportunities your company may be offering as well as career centres, unions, non-profits and government-related organizations. Also, being trained by other professionals or mentors can really help you succeed. Ask around–there are always leaders around toContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Training (Pt.2)”

Developing Your Career: Education (Pt.1)

Education is a fundamental element to building and developing a successful career. Many jobs these days require a decent educational background. Even if you don’t have a college or university education there are ways you can learn and get certificates, diplomas or degrees. Doing a quick Google search you will find there are many onlineContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Education (Pt.1)”

What is Your Dream Job? (Pt. 2)

We all have a idea floating in our minds of what our dream job is! Whether it be one dedicated to helping others or one full of adventure–the dream job that we want is one that fits our personalities. Now thinking about your dream job doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. It is attainable.Continue reading “What is Your Dream Job? (Pt. 2)”

Developing Your Skills for Career Growth

Developing you skills is fundamentally important for your career growth. We all possess some sort of skillsets–rather it be general or specialized–however we need to stay focused and realize that we continually need to hone our skills. We can build and refine our skillsets by seeking further education or through more experience on-the-job. You alsoContinue reading “Developing Your Skills for Career Growth”

Using LinkedIn as a Networking and Outreach tool

LinkedIn is a great tool to connect and build your professional network. Use it to forge amazing and long-lasting relationships–even if only get a few pros who are interested to chat–that is certainly worth your while. It is about the quality of the connect and the way you foster it rather than simply trying toContinue reading “Using LinkedIn as a Networking and Outreach tool”

Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.3)

Experience is an important foundation for a solid career. It is a reflection of the time and effort you put in trying to get better and refining your craft. It is also important to understand what companies are willing to compensate you for your rich job/skills experience. Try actually calling companies to set up aContinue reading “Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.3)”