How to Build Your Career With Little or No Experience

Did you ever hear about the story of a man who became partners with the great inventor Thomas Edison? If you haven’t the man’s name was Edwin C. Barnes and he had a dream, a vision to become Edison’s partner. It was a long and unforgiving journey for Barnes made more difficult by the factContinue reading “How to Build Your Career With Little or No Experience”

How to Find a Career that’s Right for You

The process of finding a career can be a relatively quick one or one that lasts a lifetime. We must remember that each of us has a different career path–we all have have different skill-sets as well as job and life experiences that give us unique opportunities albeit at different stages of our lives. However,Continue reading “How to Find a Career that’s Right for You”

Why you Should Create a ‘Mastermind’ Career Group

It is important to have support from friends, family, peers and even your community if you desire a happy and fruitful career. You perhaps already know the importance and the strength of relationships especially towards your personal and professional development. However, creating a mastermind career group is something you should consider (if you haven’t already.)Continue reading “Why you Should Create a ‘Mastermind’ Career Group”

How to Find Opportunities to Grow (Personally and Professionally)

Opportunities for personal and professional development are all around us. Sometimes we need to fine-tune our awareness to be more sensitive those opportunities(which can lurk around us quietly.) They can come in many forms–here are a few ways to you find opportunities to help you grow personally and professionally. Keep Communicating That means always beContinue reading “How to Find Opportunities to Grow (Personally and Professionally)”

8 Tips to Keeping Positive During Your Job Search

Searching for a job can be a job in itself. Between writing and retooling your resume and go out and knocking on company doors and religiously networking–the job hunt can be stressful, overwhelming and an experience you would like to soon forget. However, staying positive in this time can be particularly difficult. If you aren’tContinue reading “8 Tips to Keeping Positive During Your Job Search”