The Power of Journal Writing (Recording your Daily Experiences Pt. 2)

Recording your daily experiences whether it be personal or professional is a great way to keep ideas, interactions and experiences fresh in your mind. Ideas! One of the best reasons to keep a journal is to record ideas you have. In the course of any given work day, you may have thoughts and experiences thatContinue reading “The Power of Journal Writing (Recording your Daily Experiences Pt. 2)”

How to Build Your Career With Little or No Experience

Did you ever hear about the story of a man who became partners with the great inventor Thomas Edison? If you haven’t the man’s name was Edwin C. Barnes and he had a dream, a vision to become Edison’s partner. It was a long and unforgiving journey for Barnes made more difficult by the factContinue reading “How to Build Your Career With Little or No Experience”

How to Prepare for a New Career

The New Year is almost here and some of us are headed onto a new career path. Sometimes it is by choice or others times its beyond our control like being laid-off. Regardless, starting a new career is an exciting opportunity especially in this technological age. There are a variety of resources to get youContinue reading “How to Prepare for a New Career”

The Importance of Keeping a Career Journal

Having an updated resume is essential especially if you are always looking for career opportunities. Another tool that you must have if you are career-focused is a career journal. Just as a career portfolio as discussed in an earlier post, a career journal is a notebook where you write down thoughts, ideas and accomplishments relatedContinue reading “The Importance of Keeping a Career Journal”