There are some skill sets we tend to overlook because they usually come naturally to us. Research or researching are terms that are associated with academia. But when we consciously reflect on it, we see that we do research on many things in our lives. If you don’t believe me take a look at your search history on your browser. You will find somethings that you have Googled; maybe you were comparing hotels for a trip, or trying to find more information on a sports team–when it comes down to it, we definitely do a lot of research on things we like or need more data on. In regards to a job search, you will definitely sharpen your research skills by doing–it’s that simple. However, let’s dig further and find how you can use this invaluable skill to help you find a job.

Researching is about focus

If you are honing your time and efforts towards a career in a specific field look at what tools you have around you to help you. You have the library, the internet, social media and books. This is simply a small sample but as you strengthen your researching muscle you will find new resources. Now with those resources start combing through information. Don’t worry about weeding anything out at this stage. Compile all the resources you deem useful.

Start writing Ideas Down

Whether it be long hand or using a laptop, it is vital you record information that you want to have handy. Remember to write sources for the information found! This trick will help you always cite references for work that isn’t yours–it is common decency. Research is about assimilating prior information that you can use, but it is also about acknowledging established sources.

Be Creative

As you progress in your job search look at creative ways to learn more about people, places or things. Can you call a respected person in your field and ask them a question or two? Be proactive and keep researching not only for information that you need but ways to research effectively.

Other opportunities

There are many people who have found that they needed to share their job searching experience with others. Some have written books or have started a blog–this is a great chance to take what you have learned and help others! You can use your research to not only find a good job, but maybe a better career.

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