Using LinkedIn as a Networking and Outreach tool

LinkedIn is a great tool to connect and build your professional network. Use it to forge amazing and long-lasting relationships–even if only get a few pros who are interested to chat–that is certainly worth your while. It is about the quality of the connect and the way you foster it rather than simply trying to connect to as many people as possible.

Do periodic networking and outreach ssessions–extend invites and messages to people that you think can you and you help them. It is all about creating a positive intro to them and evloving from there. LinkedIn can be a phenomenal tool to develop great professional relationships but you need to always exude confidence, be positive and bring value to every conversation.

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Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.3)

Experience is an important foundation for a solid career. It is a reflection of the time and effort you put in trying to get better and refining your craft. It is also important to understand what companies are willing to compensate you for your rich job/skills experience.

Try actually calling companies to set up a mini-information interview to go over what kind of professionals they have currently employed and review if it’s a place that can use what you have to offer. Don’t any stone unturned–companies also have positions that aren’t filled because they haven’t found the right person–so it is vital you ask around and do major recon! You might be the perfect pro for that role.

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Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.2)

As you understand the job market more and where you fit in–you will realize how effectively you can leverage your knowledge and experience for better opportunities. It might be a tough thing to do at first but you must assess your experience and skillsets in order to fully comprehend what a company may want from you.

If you believe you need to further develop your experience you must find immediate roles that can really bring out what you are capable of. Maybe the job you are at now isn’t the perfect and you need something that can help grow your experience–there are lots of ways you can grow and you can start by using Google.

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Leveraging Your Work Experience (Pt.1)

If you have been in the work force for a while you have skillsets and experience that many companies crave for. However, you must properly leverage your experience in order to fully earn what you are deserving of. You must truly understand what you can offer a company–experience that equates to results and getting the most from work situations.

Also, research what companies are looking for via experience. Examine corporate websites, Facebook and LinkedIn company pages and look at present ememployees what value they bring to their companies.

Don’t be afraid to ask around about other professionals’ experience to see where you can improve on–but the bottomline is that you definitely can offer and even leverage you work experience to better opportunities to grow your career–you just need to understand what is wanted out in the job market.

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Growing Your Global Network

With internet, social media and frequency of travel we truly live in a global village. And in saying that, you have the capabilities and resources to create a powerful global network. It is vitally important to build a consistent network where we can draw ideas from and professional favours. Using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn you can easily find assess that can be helpful to.building your career.

There are many professionals that you may want to network with and learn from. You can also post that you are looking for like-minded people too. There are many interesting and effective ways to build your global network.

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Growing Your Career Using Facebook

LinkedIn is often seen as the go-to social networking platform when it comes to professional networking. But how about Facebook? When utilized in a professional and methodical manner it can be a powerful tool in helping you grow and develop your career.

Unlike LinkedIn, you can let your guard down and enjoy what social media can offer on Facebook–sharing interesting and funny posts with friends, uploading photos and starting fun chats. But even if you are doing those things you need to consider a career-focused slant–maybe posting a funny image about your line of work and tagging another professional.

Facebook is an amazing way to connect and engage with other users in a more relaxed atmosphere. There are a lot of business/organization pages you can follow. Try to make your profile a bit more professional if possible by including a headshot, professional and career-related info. Make it a habit to connect with others in the community and it might be a great idea to start a page or group related to your profession.

Remember to find novel ways to expand on your experience on Facebook with career/professional development in-mind. Also try to find out how others are harnessing Facebook to further their careers!

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Creating a Career- Development Strategy

Do you have a strategy that outlines your career path and development? You might not believe it is needed, but if you spend some time creating one–things might become a bit clear. Creating a career development strategy isn’t hard.

First, what is your overall aim from your current job? Are you building experience in order to get ready for your next step?

Second, what are you doing to enrich your experience? Are you taking training courses or pursuing a degree?

Thirdly, what are other similar professionals doing to grow their careers? Investigate and develop your network in order to find out other people’s keys’ to success.

Lastly, want do you want from your career? Why are you at your current job or going down the professional path now? Be honest. Long-term comes out from what you enjoy doing and believe success is possible.

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What is the Key to Your Success?

If you are deciding on a career path or trying to make sense of your current situation it is a good idea to look around for success. Who has had a successful career around you? Find out and utilize their experience to your advantage.

Make sure you ask them questions relating to their skills ddevelopment, job search past and career growth–you have friends and family members who know what it takes to succeed and they have the key to success. In finding out what their recipe for success is–you can go about and develop your own!

If you are already successful it is important to take a step back sometimes and see what you have truly accomplished! In this way, you can reassess your career plan and make a better one! It is always about career growth and development and increasing your quality of life.

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Using Social Media to Power Your Job Search

Social media has become an important part of our everyday lives. We use Facebook to connect to friends and share thoughts and images. We use LinkedIn to grow our professional network. And we use a host of other social media platforms to either express ourselves or connect to others. However, social media can play a huge part in your job search.

You can utilize Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to follow company pages and find out the latest news on them. Using these social media platforms for job postings is a good idea and can help you find something up your alley. Type in search terms like ‘sales rep jobs Toronto’ in LinkedIn. Also, look within your network and find out who is hiring–sometimes a company won’t post a job but someone will in order to find someone for that position leveraging their network. It may also be a good idea to create a post or Message your connections noting that you are on a job hunt (provided that your company knows that fact or you currently don’t have a job.)

Social media is provide you an amazing array for awesome job research and job search oporir opportunities. You just need to find new and interesting ways to use it in order to find the job you want!

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Integrating Technology into Your Career Development (Pt.3)

In order to have long and fruitful career you must adapt. Technology is an amazing opportunity for you to expand your career because the possibilities are endless–it is all around us and something we apply everyday. Why not apply it towards the growth and development of your career?

Your career doesn’t have to be based on technology in order for you to fully embrace it or even truly understand it. All you need to do is find ways certain technologies can help you evolve as a professional and create a better career/life for yourself.

If you still might be a little overwhelmed about it, do some research and investigate how technology can have an positive impact towards your career development!

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