Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 3)

What starts as your first blog turns into 4 posts and then your at 20 blog posts! Blogging becomes a habit like anything in life. You have to do it. It isn’t a chore, it becomes something you just do everyday. And another amazing thing start to learn alot about what you write about!

Turn your knowledge into a career

Imagine getting to be a specialist in whatever you like learning about to the point where you can actually parlay it into a career. It’s something that can certainly happen. There are many successful bloggers that have translated their passion (and knowledge) into a fruitful career.

Augment your Resume

Having a professional blog is a great experience to have on your resume. It shows your commitment to an endeavour as well as reflecting your writing and communications skills. Companies love that because it shows your multi-talented and can help them in many ways.

Keep on Blogging

Writing a good blog takes time, dedication and a desire to learn. If you keep at it and learn the craft of writing well you will succeed. Other bloggers and professionals will take notice as well! Keep at it and opportunities will come.

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt.2)

One of the easiest ways to share or expand your knowledge is by blogging! Blogging has been around for a while. By writing a blog you not only give yourself a great opportunity to learn more about your subject matter but you extend your knowledge of maintaining and growing it.

Social Media

By utilizing social media, you can grow your audience! More people will find your blog and connect to it by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You will also learn more about social media marketing–giving you another skill you can add to your experience on your resume.

Building your Blogger Network

By investing time and effort in sharing and growing your blog, you are giving yourself a chance to branch out into the blog-universe and connect to like-minded bloggers! You are growing another skill– networking! Try reaching out, connecting, and even offering (if you can) to write guest posts for them. Be mindful of your blogger counter parts and share your knowledge with them.


It’s good to find out and write about what your audience wants–but sometimes getting out of your comfort zone and experiment with your blog can offer you new and exciting experiences. Try different subjects or images–get guests bloggers with other perspectives. Have fun and always find ways to make your blog fresh and exciting!

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Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge

Learning is a basic foundation to whatever we do. Weather it be cooking, driving, communicating or whatever–it’s all about learning and developing our minds. One of the easiest and more effective ways to get better at something is by doing it–over and over again. And by consciously thinking about what we are doing; reflecting on mistakes, obstacles and ways to simply to getting better.

Blogging is a great start

Many people out there know about blogging–they have heard of it but they don’t really know what it’s really about and how powerful a tool it is in our online society. By starting a blog you are commencing on an amazing journey to find more about yourself and about a subject you either know a lot about or want to know more about.

Easy and Inexpensive

You can start on a number of blogging platforms. The most popular is Wordless. It’s free, easy to use, and many value-added products can be applied to it. Starting on is the easiest way to start a blog, but you can start an account with a hosting company and install the WordPress interface there. Pretty easy!

Start becoming an expert

As you write more you will learn more about the subject that fascinates you. Read other blogs; learn how to blog better through books and tutorials. Keep on finding out what your audience wants in terms of content in order for them to learn. However, at the end of the day the underlying purpose (this blog article) is thinking of blogging as an educational tool for self-discovery and to propel your knowledge as well as growing your career. You start becoming an expert on whatever you write on and learn about!

Keep on Doing it

As an example, Your Dynamic Career (this blog) has over 120 unique and interesting articles discussing career development, job search and continued self-growth. The author (Brian Trota) has maintained this blog since October 2018 to further his own understanding of such subjects as resume writing, interview skills, job search strategies, building a portfolio and much more. It has strengthened his confidence in relation to interacting with job seekers, workers, recruiters, career coaches, resume writers and many other professionals in every walk of life.

Blogging is about learning

Learning is the key part to blogging as well as building bridges to other writers and bloggers. It’s about growth and the application of what you have learned on a daily basis.

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Why You Should Treat Your Resume like Real Estate

A great way of looking at your resume is similar to real estate. It is a property where you add value via your job experience, skills and professionnel development. Equally if you are low on experience you must still treat your resume as invaluable property that directly relates to you.

A Solid Foundation

In terms of building your resume you have to think in terms of what makes a sound house. You need a solid foundation, walls, and a roof. Not to mention the materials such as bricks, cement, wood and metal. All these items contribute to this property. If it built with poor quality materials it won’t hold up and that’s the same as when you write your resume!

Professional ‘Builders’

And when it comes to building your home who will do it? That’s correct: professionals! Carpenters, masons, electricians etc all help build a solid home. Now would you consider a professional writer to create your resume? To build something that is solid and works sometimes requires a professional’s touch.

Adding Value

Always consider adding to your property in order increase its value. Add certificates, degrees and training; professional experiences all add richness and value to your resume’s ‘property.’ It is important to always think as yourself as continually developing and growing and should be reflective of an updated resume!

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3 Out-of-Box Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Giving your resume and coverletter a little pop is definitely a good thing. You want to make your application noticed by thinking outside-the-box with a few ideas that indicate you are serious about your career. Here are a few ways to bring more attention to your resume:

1. Referral Quotes

Dust off any old referral letters and use some sterling quotes about your work and professional attitude to bring your coverletter to life! Isolate the quote in your introduction by making the font bigger and indenting it. Show your prospective employers why they should hire you! Use multiple quotes if you can.

2. Adding Visuals

This means graphs and perhaps charts to give your resume a visually striking appeal. Make sales numbers (for example) work for you by giving them true visual flare–hiring managers need to see data that can help their company success plain and simple if they decide to hire you. By providing visual evidence you are showcasing yourself as the talent they need to hire.

3. Be a Story-Teller

Craft a compelling story about yourself, work experience and career aspirations in your coverletter. Hiring managers want to see a strong communicator because that is one of the key components of a good leader and solid co-worker. Write about how you overcame odds and fought to be a candidate that they need to hire. Include projects, team-exercises and experiences that have built your character and shaped your career. People love stories especially true ones that reflect underdog spirit and an never-give up attitude!

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4 Ways to Invest in Your Career

When we are doing something that we loved it’s an amazing feeling! Whether its working at a great company or being an entrepreneur, it’s always wise to continue to invest in your career. Here are 5 ways that you can invest in your career:

1. Education.

Expanding your knowledge is an amazing thing that you can do in your career. Even if you have degrees and certificates, think about other educational programs that can take your career to another level. Education is one of the easiest things you can do to strengthen your skills, knowledge and reaffirm your career path.

2. Teaching.

Sharing your knowledge with others can add another amazing dimension to your career. If you have been doing something for a while and you are good at it–why not share your knowledge in a classroom setting?

3. Mentorship.

This has been talked about a lot through this blog. Mentoring is one of the best things any professional can do for his or her community. Like teaching you are sharing invalubale information, experience and knowledge to others (in this case a mentoree) and given them the opportunity to use that in their own lives and careers.

4. Community Leader.

This is a combination of many elements from above. Being a community leader is something that you might not think that adds to your career, but it does! You bring your passion and experience to the table–creating events, bringing people together, and building the community!

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Learning From Successful People

One of the best ways to learn about being successful is by studying and learn more a our those who are successful. You don’t have to go far. There are successful people all around you. Observe them. Emulate them. Ask them questions if you can!

Another great way to way to learn from successful people is by reading about them. There are so many interesting and wonderful books detailing the lives of successful people–whether it’s in business, show business or any other facet of life. Find a few figures that you like and learn more about them. Along with books, find interviews, magazines and videos that can increase your knowledge.

Apply what you have either gleanrd from those around you or via resources and put this knowledge into action. Keep a journal and document what you have accomplished.

If you can find a mentor–that is great. Mentors tend to be successful and are willing to part with their knowledge with individuals that also want to succeed! Pick their brains and learn!

6 Ways to Help You Find Success at Work

Sometimes in life we struggle and other times we just ‘get it.’ I think you will agree with me that being successful is a lot more fun then losing especially at work. So how can you find success at work? Here are 6 Ways:

1. Learn About Your Bosses

Learning more about your bosses can give you a deeper understanding in regards to their managerial styles and work-floor personality. Ask if you can a have a few moments to talk with your manager in their office or have a 20 minute chat at a coffee shop close by. Find out a bit more about their professional background and think about how you can further learn from them.

2. Learn Something You’re Good at

You have strengths and weaknesses. Instead of lingering on what you can’t do, think about what you can do and how can learn more about getting better. Consult books. Research the internet. Message top-tier local professionals. Find out how you can exponentially increase your knowledge and experience of a personal strength or skill set!

3. Help Co-workers with their Personal Goals

Day in and day out you work with many people around you in the work place. Sometimes you feel like simply doing your work and going home. However, try this: you may have a co-worker that you get along with–so that’s a good start. Find out a little more about them. What do they excel in? What did they study at school? So they have an interesting hobby? By learning about your co-worker(s) you are in effect taking the time to listen to them. It’s a good feeling! To take it one step further: is there anyway you can help them achieve their goal(s). ALEP: Ask. Listen. Execute. Produce. For example, if you discover a co-worker is a talented singer try seeing how you can use any talents you have to help in their music career!

4. Learn how to Make Money

You don’t have to be a sales person at your company to generate money for them. But you can think of ways of doing it: whether it be excelling in customer service and stoking repeat business or keeping the business organized– even the smallest things can help generate revenue for the business you work for! Also, try brainstorming new and exciting ways to generate business and increase revenues.

5. Be your customers’ #1 fan

Most of the time a smile goes a long way! Be friendly and accommodating do your customers. Thank them for their business and ask them to come back. Become your customers’ #1 fan! Be positive with them even if a negative situation arises –you will quickly get fans yourself by being ‘the positive one.’

6. Never, ever give up!

Everyobe loves an underdog story and people that never quit. How about you are that person at your job! The person that always rises up to the challenge! The person that never, ever quits! Your customers, bosses, and co-workers need this kind of energy…so give it to them in spades!


4 Underused Online Tools to Find a Job

As a job seeker finding and utilizing every and any online tool is an absolute must. Equally, you must be creative in adapting to job search situations whether it be your local job market or your particular job situation. However, living in this day-and-age the internet is a helpful tool to finding job opportunities. Here are several online tools to help you find a job:

1. Blogging

Blogging? Yes, like writing a blog! This is a great way of helping you get a job because potential hiring managers can see your quality of work online. It is an instant portfolio at your finger tips. As well, you can use your blog as a great way to reach other writers nationally and locally and to quickly build your network.

2. Facebook Messenger

Many of us use this every day to chat and communicate with friends and family. How about using it as a job search tool? Use it to share the fact you are looking for a job within your Facebook contacts!

3. Facebook Groups

Connect to as many local job Facebook Groups that you can! Reach out to recruiters and staffing agencies and find out more about jobs that are being advertised in these groups. Also, reach out to other group members and try to build a tight support community within the FB group to help each other during the course of the job search.

4. Email Contact List

After years of having an email account you have perhaps built up a strong email contact list. Try going through it and send out messages to contacts that you believe can help you find a job. Remember if you’re asking for something always offer something in return for their time, expertise or general help.

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Why Thinking Positive Can be What Gets You the Job

You might not believe it but your secret weapon to landing a job just may be your positive thinking!

It is extremely easy to get upset sometimes and even become a bit negative. Your job search can create a lot of stress leaving you feel dejected, uninspired and even a bit depressed. The good news is–that can all change!

Focus on a goal. In this case it’s easy to say: finding a new job. The next step is to re-think what your job search is about.

Is it about you?

Nope. It’s about the companies you are applying to work for. You must think the way they must be thinking. When you boil it down the people doing the hiring are perhaps stressed too! Afterall, they have to look through countless resumes, and take time to call candidates for interviews and the list goes on!

That’s why you should bring a better and more positive demeanor to the interview. You don’t know what they are experiencing. And people in general what to talk and deal with positive and happy people.

And guess what?

If your resume got you the interview–then the next step is you being the best you can be at the interview. YOU are the reason why want to hire you and want you for their team!

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