Do you have a vision or a dream to do something especially when it comes to your career? Well, that is an amazing thing! That just might be the most important foundation to have because you can build on that. If you love to do something or have a strong desire to accomplish a goal you have just set up yourself for something wonderful and special–if you stick with it–a gift that will be given to you over and over again.

But you need to work at it. Learn. Get burned. Gain experience by doing. Collaborating with others that share your desire for success. There is no way around it–you must DO to learn. You must fail before you succeed. You must miss a shot in order to learn and make future shots. It is the nature of success.

And a plan. Do you have one? We all need one. Maybe a loose one with no set time limits or restrictions. It’s just go! However, some of us need one–crave one. And that’s good! But life doesn’t care about your plan (case in point: unexpected things happen all the time.) So if you have a vision or a dream don’t make an excuse that you need a plan. If you believe that it can happen (and have at least some research done) then head out on the highway and get going!

Image: Amarily Morano

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