We all have strengths and weaknesses. However, it is sometimes easier to focus on skills or experience that we don’t have rather than what we already have. If you take a moment to really assess your career you might be surprised how many things you know (and know really well.) It’s just a matter of realizing that you are capable of a great deal and that’s why it is key to know your strengths.

Are you good at sales? Are you good at managing people? Are you good at finding ways to save money? There is a while laundry list of things you are good at–it is just the matter of cataloguing them. Connect important projects to your strengths and if possible seek endorsements of people that respect your work to fully realize them.

Also knowing your strengths gives you a better opportunity to overview your career and find out what other career paths out there might be right for you. For example, if you are good at sales and have a strong history of that you can play up that strength to go into an industry you might like (ie. If you like planes why not go into airplane sales or into the Airlines industry–the sky is the limit literary to what can work for you.) The major component to all this aside knowing your strengths is being creative. Be creative when assessing your strengths–you can really find some amazing career opportunities when you know what you can do exceptionally well!

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