Meetings are important parts of any and every organization we belong to–they offer many positives especially if they are led by strong leaders. However, upon reflection can you think of any meetings you have been a part of that yielded some actionable results? For the most part, meetings tend to be mandatory sessions that has one or several people sharing some type of information or going through a laundry list of what needs to be done. But are these things that are discussioned followed up on? Are there any true take-aways from the meeting? Are most meetings time-wasters?

The bottom-line is: why is the meeting being held in the first place. Is it something that can be communicated via email or quick conference call? If the meeting is taking place are there any outcomes that can be a basis for change? Can action be a foundation for every meeting as goals given to each participant?

Meetings can be important collaborations with amazing opportunities to discuss change through action. Next time you are part of a meeting (either as a lead or participant) be present to what is being gained from it. Find ways of how everyone can truly benefit as well as being accountable of what is being done afterwards. Afterall, there is no point of assembling your associates together in a meeting unless a real actionable outcome(s) can be assessed and qualified.

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