Taking proper time and care to write your resume is essential. Many job seekers also hire resume writers to do it for them. However, sometimes you are in a bind and need a quick resume done. So where do you start? Here are a few tips on how to write a decent 1-page resume in under two hours.

Contact Information

The top portion of your resume is reserved for your contact info. You should start with your name, then below that your address, phone number and email address. Avoid using a personal sounding email like CutiePie321@hotmail.com. Instead opt to use a gmail address with your full name like AlexGSmith@gmail.com.

Executive Summary

Your executive summary shouldn’t be more than 2 sentences. It should state your career goal and how you are achieving it.


Right under your executive summary you should include at least 6 main skill sets. They can be bullet-pointed. Relate all these skills to the jobs/industry you are writing your resume for.

Professional Experience

If you are keeping it to a 1-page resume pick 2 or 3 of your most recent jobs. Include job title, company, location and employment dates. Keep job summaries to about 2 or 3 bullet-pointed sentences. If you lack job experience don’t worry just be sure you are applying for a job within your skillsets and always elevate education above Professional Experience.


Keep your education limited to the most recent diplomas, certificates or degrees. If you lack job experience, bullet-point information about what you have learned and how you have applied your knowledge and skills.


If you are under a tight deadline don’t be concerned with a fancy format. Keep your resume neat and use a simple resume template often provided on Word programs.

Recheck for errors

Take a few minutes away from your resume to regroup. Review your resume for any syntax, grammatical and spelling errors. If you have time it is ideal to get someone to also look over your resume.

Should you include a Cover Letter?

If you have some more time it’s a good idea to also write a coverletter. The contact information should mimic what’s found on your resume. Keep it to 2 or 3 paragraphes and relate all information on how you can help the company you applying for. Use at least one paragraph to describe a project or experience that showcases your skills and/or talent from a past or current job.

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