If you want to get a better response from potential employers you should consider revising your resume. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is creating a more engaging resume. So what does this mean? How can you accomplish this?

When rewriting your resume consider the prospective of the hiring manager or HR staff member that may be reviewing it. Does it have a clean and neat look? Does it purposefully represent you as the right candidate for the job you are applying for? These are essential questions to consider!

However, you must find a way to make a more engaging resume. And this is how you do it.

The right resume for the job

If you are applying for a job there really isn’t a one-resume-that-fits-all. You can definitely use your current resume as a spring board but it must be geared for the specific job you are applying for. Also, as noted you need to engage with the reader. That means fleshing out a balanced personal-professional coverletter. This means you can talk in first person while describing your professional experience in detail and why you will help that organization immediately.


An engaging coverletter and resume combo must mention the organization connected with the job posting in glowing terms as well as some knowledge of it. Create a positive narrative through one or 2 professionally-related stories that brings the reader in and connects with them right off the bat!

As for the resume, make the text more compelling by using more action words that paint that connects with the reader. Mix it with quantifiable data (if available) to create an informative, creative and engaging resume!

Obviously, crafting a more engaging resume will take time and a bit more effort but it’s definitely worth doing it!

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