Social media can be a powerful tool in your job search ans building your career and professional brand. It can equally be an exceptional tool when you are showing people and potential employers your skill sets. For example, if you an experienced manager you can use social media like LinkedIn to detail your experience in your field. This gives clients and hiring managers within others companies a chance to see your developed skills in action.

Writing articles is a great way to showcase your talent and skills online. As noted, you can use a myriad of social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to share your articles. You can also start a blog for free online as a starting point and eventually connect with established blogs, websites and publications to write original articles for them.

As you build your portfolio, it is easier to show your skills and translate them into great tools for others to learn from while building your case as an expert. This will certainly boost your career and give you further experience using social media.

Other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are great tools to share your thoughts, articles and connect with other professionals. Don’t be shy to reach out to others and readily comment, share, and like other posts that you find interesting and adds value to your own social media brand.

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