Imaging having your idea as a foundation of a new and exciting career? It is certainly within grasp. All you have to do is make things happen by actively grow and develop your ideas. There are many success stories that you can easily find with a quick Google search that find passionate people who have built their careers on an idea.

For example, if you have an idea on making a home security system with a few features that will make home owners safe–it is an idea that you can develop with ample work and connecting with people by networking vigorously. It is about having a good idea, with sound research and a market for your product or service.

Additionally one major ingredient for success is vision. You must have a vision for what you want to accomplish–i.e. your product being a market leader within the US in 5 years time!

Lastly, turning your ideas into a career can happen. You need to connect with professionals (investors, developers, partners and strategists) to get the most from your idea. Other people with vision are needed to believe in what you are doing!

Image: Tero Vesalainen

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