Sometimes we have to start low on the totem pole in order for us to grow professionally. Sometimes that means taking on a part-time, seasonal or even a temporary position in order to get our foot in the door. Is it a position you want to do for the rest of your life? Maybe not. But you must look at every opportunity you get as an chance to learn, grow and build.

You have to start somewhere and even if you are repositioning yourself in the work place, it’s sometimes a tough pill to swollow especially if you have loads of experience in another field. So if you currently find yourself at a part-time position how can you parlay that into a full-time?

Do the little things right often

Even if you spend 15 or 20 hours at your job every week–give it your all. Do the little things right that others might overlook. Try working a little harder and be consistent.

Complete online training

Many companies often provide an internal online training program. Although these programs are mandatory sometime work itself gets in the way of completing them. Be proactive and try completing the programs even if it’s on your own time. When you are done talk with management about other internal training you can do.

Take other online courses/certificates

There are online resources websites like Utemy that offer free and paid courses that helps you gain knowledge and add to your skills. Take these courses whenever you can. Always learn and keep learning some more. Gaining knowledge is key and application is when you unlock the door! Additionally if you are serious about turning your parttime job into something more investigate certificate courses and even degree and diploma programs. Anything that gives you the edge is a win!

Take the Initiative

Always take the initiative on projects within your company. Assess if you will be good at a certain project and take a leadership mentality. Don’t be scared to ask for help when leading. Remember you are in a part-time role that you want to build upon into some thing better.

Learn from Managers

For every good manager that exists there are a lot of mediocre and flatout bad ones that are out there. If you are stuck with a bad one, try your best to work within the system. You can still learn a lot from a bad manager-primarily what not to do if you want to be a good employee. In the rare chance that you get a very good manager try to learn as much as you can from them. Don’t hesitate to learn from them by asking and listening. Typically if a good manager sees this type of employee they will help him or her try to succeed!

Internal job openings

Always keep an eye out for job openings within your company. Even if it’s a different location or even a lateral move there is an opportunity to learn a new set of skills and gain invaluable experience. Try applying for full time positions if they become available, however only if you feel you are ready for the jump and that your manager(s) will support you.

External job openings

Applying for jobs within your company is a great idea, but don’t forget to apply for opportunities externally. Sometimes your company isn’t hiring or they might like you in your current role ( and won’t promote you.) Whatever reason if you need to make a move to better yourself and take on a more challenging role then taking a position with another organization is a good idea. Remember a reflection of how even-heeled your company is how they treat you when you tell them you have accepted another job! A good company will try to retain you (if you are a decent employee) in someway; while a bad company won’t react to you leaving.

Image: Hayden Weal

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