If you are a sales professional you have might have already worked your selling magic during interviews and while your were networking for your next career opportunity. For the rest of us selling might not come as naturally, but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking like a sales pro during your job search. In fact, by utilizing some of the tips below getting your new job can be easier than you think.

Know what you are selling

In this case: You! You need to know yourself inside out and outside in–which means how you brand yourself to prospective employers. You need to know what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are and create an ‘objections chart’–if someone asks you about a weakness you will know how to handle the objection.

What tools will help you sell

What will help you sell your brand to prospective employers? A concise well written resume is one tool and a other could be a job search business card you hand out to people you meet. Research specific tools and resources that can definitely help you land a job.


If you meet people on a daily basis you are networking. You should be constantly networking and finding out how you can help them and how they can help you. You will discover that before you know it you have a strong network of people that you can leverage for potential job opportunities.

Following up on Leads

In order for your network to work for you, you need to constantly follow up with them. Emails, calls, social media messages or even letters are all easy yet effective ways to strengthen your growing network and form stronger professional relationships.

Know your market

You have to know who you are selling your brand to! Find out about hiring managers and Human Resources personnel and what they need in an employee. Scour any sources of information to create a selling profile of the person/company you are selling to. Hubspot Academy has a great free certificate online course that can give you the nuts and bolts of persona-based selling.

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