When there’s an economic downturn jobs become scarce and life becomes tough for a lot of people. One of the most stressful outcomes from a bad economy is the possibility of losing one’s job.

So if times are tough how can you thrive?

Advertise your services

Are you really good at doing something? Advertise your services online using Facebook and Craigslist. Even if isn’t an in-demand service it’s still important to get that info out there.

Do market research

If you aren’t getting any responses from your original ad posts, try doing some job market research. Even in a bad economy there are many opportunities available–you have to do your homework!

Advertise work that’s in-demand

Now that you know what’s needed in the labour market, advertise your services! Again, use Facebook and Kijiji. Also, try out-bound marketing–reach out to businesses advertIsing gigs and simply try calling companies to see what they may be looking for.

Start a business

Since many businesses are failing or simply folding, this might be the right time to start your own business. You can take advantage of the tough times to grow your market share. Advertise, stay-the-course and ride out the recession. If you are patient, the rewards can be huge when the economy comes around ie. Customers will know about you! Another tip: keep advertising during the tough times–because many company’s are known to cut jobs and slash marketing, advertising and sales outreach! This is your time to shine while others struggle.

Utilize your personal and professional network

In a bad economy many people are hurting. However, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to your network! People that you know might need or know others looking for workers.

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