Are you up for a job interview soon? Being prepared for it gives you a better chance of clinching the job. Here are a few tips on successfully selling yourself during a job interview:

Your knowledge

Demonstrating your knowledge during your interview is one of major ways of successfully selling yourself. Don’t get ahead of yourself though–it’s very easy to talk too much. Showcase your knowledge when need be!

Professional attire

Dress well for the job interview! That means a suit, a tie and a freshly pressed shirt and for women a suit or shirt. Your attire is a reflection of you and if a hiring manager gets a quick glance of you before you even speak and sees you well dressed that is a big positive!

Being Positive

Don’t talk about negatively about people or experiences! And also don’t only talk about yourself. You are being interviewed so it is all about the company finding more about you and if you are a good fit for them. Be open, positive and polite. Even if you don’t get the job you have made a good impression on the hiring manager.


Be as honest as you can. There are some topics or experiences that you tip toe around but don’t lie.

Bring a Portfolio

You know what most of your competition doesn’t have? A portfolio. Yes, graphic designers etc certainly have it, but does a sales rep or a marketing specialist have one? Maybe not. So sell yourself big-time by showcasing your projects on paper. Give something the hiring manager can see, hold and discover about you. This will certainly separate yourself from the competition.

Image: Tero Vesalainen

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