If you know how to do something well and believe you can fit your local market place then it is time to make your mark! First off, you need to ask yourself a tough question: does your local market need your talents? If after research it is a Yes then it is time to build! If it is a No–that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for you. You need to look how your talents can benefit businesses in your area. It is just a matter of position yourself properly in the marketplace!

You need to cultivate your brand by doing. If you have experience in bookkeeping then go out and start from the ground level–knocking on doors and asking for business. It doesn’t seem glamorous but you need to start somewhere. It is there you start to grow your business and your reputation. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool which comes about when you have a solid service or product. Another way to reach out is through social media. Show the community what you do and offer potential clients an opportunity to see your work and engage.

You also need to be in the community and to continually connect with people. Networking is key and finding out what others do and how you can help each other. From there it is basically growing your business from what service or product you can bring!

Image: Geralt

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