Having a strong work history is important–it’s also great having a decent education. However, did you know that your education can somwtimes work against you? Too much education may reflect a focus on more theory than real world application. Ok, so you have a degree or a few certificates. However, the bottomline is if it’s on your resume (and if you do have a lot of Education) how is it going to benefit the hiring manager and their company?

The key is to expand on your educational history. If you earned a degree in marketing how has it helped you at your past jobs? Were there any specific courses that you took that you excelled in? Expand on this information and connect it to the present job you are applying for. Making a strong link between your education and how it will benefit the job/company you are applying for along with evidence of past success will give you a leg up on other candidates with similar experience and education!

That means adding punchy straight forward paragraphs about your studies on your resume. Equally, expanding on real world applications of your education on your coverletter is also anything you can do.

Image: Tero Vesalainen

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