Before diving full throttle into your job search it might be a good idea to do a little research on your local job market. Doing this can give you some insight on the biggest industries that are hiring in your local area as well as future trends of employment.

It also gives you a perspective of what you can expect for your future especially if you are hired by a trending industry–there is a greater possibility of a job turning into a career!

Access info on your local job market via Google

One of the best references will be your business and employement development resources pages that are available on your city/county websites. It might be a hassle going through those websites, so just try Googling it.

For example, try imputting ‘Employment Trends in the Greater Toronto Area.’ Of course substitute Toronto for your town, region, or county. More than likely you will either be given a few pages that will give you what you need. Another resource that might appear is a short downloadable pdf booklet with a breakdown of local business and job/employment trends. Even if the report wasn’t released recently don’t fret: job and employment trends don’t normally fluctuate drastically within a few years.

Looking Around your Area

Although the industry/ job report is a great tool for understanding your area’s employment and future career opportunities, doing some leg work can add to finding out more about who is hiring. Look around for ‘We’re Hiring’ signs and inquire within. If you get a chance talk with a hiring manager or Human Resource professional–it’s a great way to get an idea what they are looking for. Be sure to ask about their industry–what has been employment like? Is their industry growing? Reading reports are great, talking to those who work within the industry gives you an amazing personal perspective though.

Business Development Resource Centre

These places are sometimes under different names in the community and can either be private or public enterprises. They offer resources to small or medium businesses and entrepreneurs–reports, loan information, market analysis etc. Pop in and see if they can offer any unique prospectives of your local job market via growing businesses and industries within the region.

Employment Job/Career Centres

This is always a great place to seek more information in regards to the current job market in your local area. These places are often non-profits thus offering most resources, workshops and consultations for free. See if you can book some time with a job specialist and come prepared with questions!

Chamber of Commerce

Although you typically have to pay to be a member as well as being employed or being a business owner in the community. If you can fulfil both of these requirements, then your local chamber of commerce is one of best places to gain a unique protective of your areas job market. You will meet managers, executives and business owners from different industries in your area when you attend network meetings or special events. Ask them what they expect from their company or industries in the next few years. If they have been constantly hiring in the last few years for example there is clear demand for products or services they offer and perhaps a great place to land a job and build a career.

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