One of the most important tasks during any job search is compiling and organizing job leads. Similar to what you might do in sales with prospect leads (potential sales opportunities) we can apply to any job search. Here are a few tips on how to organize your leads during your job search:

Prepare a Spread Sheet

Two great applications you can use are Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. You don’t need to get complicated with these spreadsheets. It is simply a means of keeping your contacts in one place. Google Sheets is great because you can assess it right from your Google Drive.

Organize Information

In the spread sheet create a new file and use several columns: Name of Contact, Company, Contact Info, Interest Rate, Job Applied, Initial first contact, and Follow-up sent. Keep up-to-date with the list like who you follow-up with or if the leads are worth pursuing.

Track Job Applications

The above is looking at actual contacts at companies–for example a hiring manager you may have met at a job fair. However, create another spread sheet to keep track of jobs you have applied to via online. This makes it easy to see who you followed up with and to avoid any repeat applications.

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