In the last decade the mobile phone has gone through many amazing changes. It has become the ultimate tool in our day-to-day lives. We use it to play, organize, and some of us even have well-paying careers relating to the smart phone! It is also an important tool in any job seeker’s arsenal. So how can you maximize it during your job search? Here are a few tips:

Download helpful apps

LinkedIn and Google G-Suite are two amazing apps that you need on your phone. They are free and powerful apps that are essential for your job search. Other apps like Udemy Academy is great–providing you with great courses (paid and free) to upgrade your skills and knowledge. And don’t forget the Indeed Job Search app. Find and apply to jobs on the go.

Contact App

One of the simplist and most underappreciated resources on your phone is your contact list. Everytime you network immediately add the person’s professional contact info to your phone. Linking it to your Google cloud account is a must where you can get more detailed in your contact’s info.

Social Media

Along with LinkedIn, adding Facebook, Instagram and Twitter apps to your phone is a must. Follow companies and people that you plan to send applications to–you can glean a lot of information doing this.

Word Docs/Notes

Setting up multiple word documents on your phone can help you stay organizated–typing in notes, copying and pasting text or even writing a quick resume! Google has a free Word Doc app where you can download free 3rd party resume templates. Setup, create, edit and pdf your resume on the go!

Screen Shot function

This function is a quick and easy way to capture and store info. Use it to snap screen grabs of job listings, contact info, Facebook posts and save it into a job search folder. Be sure to organize your screen shots every few days–it’s such an easy tool to use that you might find yourself overwhelmed with them!

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