What are you capable of when it comes to building an exceptional career for yourself? There are several factors to assessing what you can achieve including your desire, goals, plan/strategy, and mindset. Now looking back to the last several years have you gotten to where you are by staying focused and having a plan? If you have, that is excellent!

However, you definitely have room to grow professionally as we all do. If you haven’t you need to ask yourself: are you doing what you really want? Do you have a proper support group around you to keep you staying positive? Are you doing things to maximize your career potential such as training, mentorship, education, and building work experience? It is sometimes easy to stay idle at the job you are in because of familiarity or what we perceive as security.

But your potential–your career potential comes down to what you are willing to do to make things happen professionally in your life. You must assess yourself: what have you done to get better? Do you consider yourself successful? Do you push yourself? You must ask yourself hard questions because career success is only achieved when you have a vision coupled with a uncompromised work ethic.

How to Find your Career Potential Pt 2

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