Finding a job requires a plan. You need to choose the proper tools while thoroughly understanding the area you are planning to conduct your job search in. Finding a job can be very tough; it can also be an extremely fruitful endeavour–if approached in a methodical manner–for long term career success.

The major key is knowing your job market. You can easily acquire local job market data through government websites. Reviewing this information will give you can idea of the areas of development and growth for certain industries or sectors. Even if you haven’t considered a specific sector before-utilizing your local job market information can provide you a window into potential career opportunities.

For example, if you are a sales professional within retail and looking for more potential earnings discovering the areas of industrial development in your area (ie. Construction) can yield companies who may need account managers to find new clients or strategically grow existing accounts.

It is all in the way you approach your local market-with both an open mind and a positive attitude.

Image: Ohurtsov

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