Let’s face it–if you aren’t diversifying your job search strategy you aren’t going to have much luck. Even if you have a keyword rich resume that you believe will be accepted through most ATS’ the chances of landing a job that way is pretty low. Applying online should take up about 20% of your time…maybe.

80% of your time should be focused on building your network and making professional strong relationships.

You need to attend workshops, networking events, conferences, seminars–any gatherings that you believe that can have a positive impact in your job search (and long-term career.)

Social media is fine and all, but it’s the face-to-face connections that are crucial to your professional networking growth. It is very powerful and before you know it, you have a complex web of many people you didn’t know in a short period of time. For example, if you are looking to try to get a better job you might do several things.

— Connect with industry pros on forums on both Facebook and LinkedIn

–Reach out to recruiters–they can offer invaluable tips and help you secure a good job

–Past and present co-workers and bosses–they like you, worked with you and will definitely want to help you–just ask

–Information interviews are a great way to connect with companies without asking for jobs. Learn about what they are looking for in a candidate

–Find out if your college or university Alumni association can help you out. They are bound to have some alumni that can point you in the right direction

–Help local business with your expertise and build a stronger connect with the community

–Invite other professionals out for coffee! Ask because you never know who will say Yes!

In a months time you will have an awesome network, job leads and have more knowledge! You will definitely surprise yourself because getting a job and building an amazing network is easier than you think.

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