One of the best ways to get out of your job search funk is to change your approach. Most of us look for a job in a host of traditional ways, yet these methods don’t typically amount to much. Why? Because most everyone is applying to the same jobs on masse and acquiring the same info online and in books.

Ok, where do I start?

It is a frustrating reality! However, you can change it by disconnecting yourself from the tradition ways of looking for a job. That means sitting down and brain-storming different and creative ways of hunting down for a job.

Buy a blank book and write!

Go out and buy yourself a new journal. Turn to the first page. Now without giving it too much thought write down anything that comes to mind about finding a job that you would like. This means jotting down people, names, places, companies, positions, salary expectations, what friends are doing, people you admire and why, inspiring words, projects your proud of, your failures, skills, accomplishments etc… Hopefully you get the idea. After you have a pretty decent list go back and high-light key words by underlining them. Now re-read what you have written. Meditate on these words. Now, off to the next step.

Left field is best

Hopefully that felt good! It’s sometimes a good idea to do some writing–you don’t know where it will lead you, but gives you an interesting picture of some things brewing unconsciously. If you want to acquire the job you want do some research on several companies you want to work for. Also, study some people you admire and read up on how they got to where they are in their careers. If you have a more entrepreneurial mind–develop a solid business plan for an idea you have–like what you did above, free-write anything related to your idea in your book.

It’s all about people

Whatever you do in your career you will always need people around you to help you out. It is only in a few isolated and rare instances that a unique individual accomplishes some amazing things without any real help. However, realistically you must consider those who can help you get the job you want or achieve your business goals.

Get out of your comfort zone

If you want to get a better job or are serious about your career you need to get out of your comfort zone. If you are searching for a job and you aren’t a great ‘people person’ you may perhaps want to re-think that. You need to ditch your online application methods and simply go out to events and mingle with people! Don’t like it? Great! Getting too comfortable with the way you have been searching for a job is killing you. Be your own best friend and find a job by doing the heavy lifting even if its not the greatest role–it’s still a solid foundation of starting a fruitful career.

Image: Pete Linforth

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