If you are simply emailing your resume out or applying for jobs online the chances of landing a job is slim to zero. Think about it–if it’s relatively easy to apply online for a position be sure many other job seekers are also applying for it even candidates who aren’t even qualified for the position!

That’s why you need to diversity your job search strategy. You need to find creative and out-of-box ways of find a job especially if your current plan isn’t working.

You need to get yourself in front of hiring managers. Ok, you say that would be impossible in your job field–however if you feel if it isn’t doable then you must change gears. For example if you applying for a job that the: a) Competition is fierce and b) Chances are low with meeting someone who hires then maybe you are wasting your time applying. Another way of knowing if applying to a job isn’t worth your time is by looking at your competition on LinkedIn for example. What skills or experiences do these professionals possess? What are the qualifications that the company is looking for in a candidate–is another key question you should be asking yourself.

It is imperative you try different methods of finding a job–for example, picking up the phone and requesting an information interview with a manager or someone from Human Resources is a simple way of picking up a contact. If you can score one, ask pertinent questions and ask if you can perhaps further discuss a role with someone who is in that position within that organization. Build a web within that company and see how many people you can connect with–this gives you an opportunity to connect with more people within the organisation by using references. The value of this task is building relationships and familiarity with that organization.

Another way of really jump starting your job search is by attending general events, mixers, conferences, sporting events, networking events, social gatherings and connecting with as many people as possible. Even if you don’t think the event is relevant rethink about the potential of meeting people that may know someone that can help you out!

People are always willing to help you out especially if you are positive, helpful and out-going! You may want to leave your resume at home or even the mentality you are on the job hunt. Just relax and focus on getting to know people!

Another out-of-box way of getting a job opportunity is by creating your own events. Build a meet-up, networking event or a specialized event that will get people together. This is also a great way to build your experience on your resume i.e. event marketing, creation and execution.

Like these ideas? Now go out and try them! If you want more great tips to making your job search even better check our part 2 out tomorrow!

Image: Pete Linforth

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