Whether you have a job you like or feel that you are ready for another opportunity you must always be prepared for taking chances that you feel can increase your standard of living, expand your career and help you grow personally. That means always taking a few moments every week to do the little things. Whether it be fine tuning your portfolio, updating your resume or expanding your network.

However, one thing to always keep in mind is finding ways to discover hidden career opportunities. So how do you you that? It’s pretty simple, yet requires some effort, patiences and dedication on your part. Most importantly before the whole process can roll you need to put yourself in a positive and proactive mind space meaning you have to be ready to be open to new and challenging opportunities!

Sometimes these opportunities don’t find you–you hunt for them. You must be dedicated and committed to the process of revealing these unique opportunities to you.

You must talk to be people–get yourself out there and learn as much as you can about building meaningful relationships with people (that means researching this area.) Learn what they do. What they are good at? What their goals are. Meeting people in person is the best way. However, use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach out and connect with people. Remember: always have a goal or aim for the reason you are reaching out–mainly, why would they want to connect with you?

Hidden career opportunities is about networks. It is your existing one and how you’re growing it. It’s also about how you’re taking control of your destiny and helping yourself develop. For example, if you’re in a job that you don’t love but have a passion for fishing–why don’t you take steps to share your enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport. Record yourself, blog, create a website and share with others who also have that passion. Working hard at it and having a plan are two essential components to building a career you never knew existed.

Another way to discover hidden career opportunities is by doing research. Read relevant books, comb websites and follow blogs. Still informed on all important news of your passion by getting Google Alerts. Reach out to experts that can give you some good tips on steering your ship onto the right career path. Become a strong knowledge base–get people coming to you: asking questions and seeking your expertise.

All in all, you are the most important piece to finding hidden career opportunities. Take the time to learn more about what you want from life and your career. Don’t settle for an OK job! Work at it by creating a strong brand reflecting your values, passion, knowledge and unique personality!

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