When you are on the job hunt the focus is simply to find a job! One interesting way of finding a job is by creating a workshop. You might have been to one before whether it was related to school or your past job.

Workshops are a great way to meet people that share the same interest as you do or need help with something. Since you may have experience in a certain field or a specific set of skills it might be a great idea in creating a workshop of your own. A workshop is a great way of building a network with like-minded individuals while helping you on so many levels. Creating a workshop isn’t tough; simply pick a topic/subject (especially one that resonates with people), find a venue (preferably free), create ads/online posters and market the event. Be sure to talk to people about why they need to come to the event. If you good at social media offer your talents as the main thrust of the workshop. You can then refine the workshop to entrepeneurs or small business owners who work in your community. Invite them to bring their labtops and encourage questions and discussion.

Have Fun

No one likes a boring anything. Have fun at the workshop by smiling and engaging. Sure you are looking for work, but that doesn’t mean your audience needs to know that off the bat.

Show them what you know

Guide them through the nuts and bolts of running a successful social media marketing plan (in this case.) As your audience follows you, try to make it around and talk with them. Show them what you know! Engage. Be a teacher.

Applying knowledge

You have the knowledge and/or experience so show your audience how you have applied it in the past. Provide real world scenarios. Show them what you know works in the real world.

Building Your Brand

You are offering your time and expertise and people will see that. You are truly building your brand with your audience–your value.

Find out more about your audience

Think about how you can help them and how they can help you! In this case you invited several small business owners– ask questions about their companies. Think how you can fit in–can you provide value to their company?

Never stop thinking

Your job search must be geared in finding a company that needs an employee like you. Never stop thinking ways you can expand your job search–one of the focal points must be the aspect of networking. How can you meet people? How can those people help you secure a job.

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