The ultimate take-away from this program is about sufficient career learning. You can not replace human interaction or learning from someone that has a lot of life experience. However, the reality is finding a mentor that will help you along is very tough. By creating this program you are choosing mentors who are some of the best in their fields. They are masters. And their knowledge is found in many sources which is another amazing positive about creating your own mentorship program.

So if you are developing one how can you get the most from it?

First and foremost: read. Get as many books as you can about your ‘mentor.’ Find what makes them tick. What makes them successful. Start writing down passages and information while reading.

When you start compiling all these resources think about formulating a program that works for you. Write down some exercises based on what your mentor has done to be successful. Write down key words, quotes and stories that you have gleaned from your research and then start structuring these thoughts. One of the major things you must do is repetition and mediation. When you repeat exercises and what you have learned you are training your mind. Mediation is about focusing strongly on the information you find important and taking some time to really make sense to you.


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