Putting your acquired knowledge into action is an important step of the personal mentorship program you created. But before that can happen putting together mentorship groups is a great way to share ideas and build your confidence. It is also a great way to extend your network!

You don’t have to be alone

However, building mentorship groups can have a powerful effect on the material you have compiled. You can find out what others have done to acquire their own information as well as meditating on the mentors they have found. If you wish, you might be interested in finding new mentors to learn from.

You will also find out that this kind of amazing group is all about support, growth and being mentors! Yes, you can seek out mentors in this group–people that you can actually learn from especially if they have experience or knowledge that you need for your career development!

How do you find like-minded people?

Advertise what you’re trying to do. Reach out to people on Facebook groups what you are trying to do and why it’s so beneficial. Even if potential members can’t make utilize Facebook to create a group focused on developing your own personal mentorship program!

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