Many of us won’t have the luxury of having a mentor. One of the best ways helping you get the mentorship that you need is by creating your own personal mentorship program.

The main focus for developing this type of program is up to you. If you are looking for some type of guidance when it comes to your career, seek mentors that are you identify with. Study their career, experiences and personality very closely. Write down questions that you may have for them if you had a chance to speak to them. Search for specific quotes or lessons that they have expoused in anything related to them.

If you reach points where you might feel stuck or overwhelmed take a step back and review what you have learned. Remember this kind of mentorship program is very different then others you may have heard about primarily because you don’t have one to talk and communicate with. You always need to prepare yourself because you need to seek out knowledge rather than someone answering you questions. It can be lonely and sometimes a diffcult climb yet it is one that will make you stronger and more self-sufficient.

If you must engage with people that you may know that can also benefit from this unique mentorship program. Meet in person or over social media and discuss what important knowledge you are gleaning from your research. Maybe these study group is something that can help in this mentorship program.

Image: Akterpuz

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