Finding support during your job search can be tough. Sometimes you feel it’s you against the world but it doesn’t have to be! You definitely have support around you–friends and family. However, how about creating your own specialized job search support group?

There are several such groups online that offer support and encouragement. But it is recommended you create your own. It’s easy! Try connecting with other job searchers in your area via Facebook. Reach out and share your stories. Even if it’s a handful of people.

Create a private Facebook Group and start inviting others in the same job search mode you’re in. Again even if it’s only a few people–make sure they are committed to helping each other and contributing to the group. A key element is setting up meet-ups where you can actually sit down, go over strategy and learn.

Remember, the whole point of this type of group is to offer support and help each other find jobs. It isn’t to give pity or feel sorry for each other! If you can get a special mentor to head the group (ie. Career Councillor or Job Search Consultant) that is a huge boon.

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