When executed properly and with patience and consistently a professional meet-up group can give you many professional opportunities! You can discover new connections, build your brand, help the local economy and gain real-world practice by putting together an event. However, one of most unique features of a meet-up is the fact that it is an immediate portfolio-builder. Even if you have put together a few, you can add images, quotes, data, promo material, social media breakdowns and marketing plans into a portfolio ready to showcase your experience when needed.

As you continue to shape your event, you can add other elements to it. Perhaps new technologies or existing ones that can further expand your brand. Share meet-up info through your LinkedIn and add blog entries to your website. The more you shape it and build it, you are curating a side project outside your full-time job into a special opportunity.

You are essentially creating an amazing chance for yourself as a professional to grow and learn. As you tirelessly build it, continue to network and find others that share your vision. Build a team that desires personal and professional growth and do not want to stop learning!

As this is happening, you are expanding on existing skillsets and discovering new ones. Document these processes by keeping a journal. This is an exceptional way to look back at what you have done in more detail and serves as a great tool for future collaborators or hiring managers to see what you have accomplished.

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