Writing a keyword-focused is vital to getting an interview. Just writing a one-fits-all resume may get you a few interviews, but spending time and attention to creating resumes specifically for a job advertisement is a definite must. Additionally, keywords are important because ATS (Automated Tracking Systems) scan resumes looking for them–this technology is used to filter resumes before getting the Human Resources and Hiring Managers. Here several easy steps to creating a keyword-focused resume.

Review the Job Description

Look over the job description for the job you are applying for. Take into account what the company is looking for in a candidate. Don’t simply apply for a job because you can–be sure you are amply qualified.

Pick out keywords and phrases

On the second review if you feel you are a good fit for the job, highlite keywords and phrases. Start to play around with them in sentences before adding them to your resume.

Integrate them in Resume

If you have an existing resume play around with the keywords and phrases and start integrating them into it. Use the keyword-rich sentences–this is like a puzzle–where do they fit in?

Or Write a Fresh Resume

If you find it difficult to add keywords to your existing resume then you can simply write a fresh new one! It may take a little longer but may be your best bet in creating the perfect resume for the job you are applying for!

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