Whether we live and work in towns or large cities we always encounter communities comprising of artists, entrepreneurs, labours and other talented individuals. So where do you fit in? How do you build your reputation in your local community? Here are a few tips:


Communities need people that are good at a particular job more so than larger urban areas. Cities have many skilled workers, however in a smaller one the need to have specialized workers becomes very important because of the smaller population. If you do something well: a plumber, carpenter, HVAC specialist–smaller local communities need people to specialize–this might be a great opportunity for you to find out what your community needs.


Along with working helping the community grow by volunteering is very important. This is not only great for your reputation but simply an act of spreading goodness. There are a host of clubs and organizations looking for individuals to further a cause in the community. Find one that interests you and start volunteering today.


If you have a talent or skill it might be a wonderful idea to help a younger person along in their own life and career. Being a mentor is a great way to strengthen your community and your bond to it!

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