If you are moving into a new area it is a good idea to start building your local network. It might be tough in the beginning but as learn about local business, its people and the community it will be easier to grow your network. There are also a few great ways to meet people and grow your network quickly especially if you are a new resident.

Start with One Person

It can be your neighbor or a business owner. Start with one person and ask questions about meeting people. Even if that person doesn’t know about networking events they know someone that does. That one person often holds the key to many others that he or she may know in the community!

Local Organizations

Whether it be faith-based organizations or other non-for-profit groups–you can find a place that appeals to your values while giving you a chance to meet others. Take a moment to find a group or organization in your community and join them.

Chamber of Commerce

Even if you don’t own your own business the Chamber of Commerce is a great way to meet a lot of different people in the community. These include politicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and community leaders. If you do own a business then this is the place to bring your business cards and really network!

Find your Niche

Sometimes you have a business or an idea for business that appeals to the local community you are moving to. Finding your niche in the community will give you a chance to meet people. You will also get the chance to directly connect to other businesses while you grow your business.

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