It doesn’t matter if you lack little or no job experience, the opportunity to find a job and establish your career is very doable within a year. Here are a few more ways to build your job experience:


The number one priority is finding and attaining a job when you lack experience. However, when you are established at a job (over the course of a few months) it is a good idea to do some volunteering. Even if it’s a few hours a week, volunteering accomplishes a few goals. It builds further confidence and experience, and provides you with credibility as an individual that wants to give back to their community. Pick an organization that you can identify with or one that you believe you can make a difference at! Another amazing thing about volunteering is giving you another place to meet new people and grow your network.

Side gigs / Free Lancing

Are you good at writing, design, or anything else you can help someone with remotely? Along with your job try advertising your side gig on Craigslist or Kijiji. For example, if you are capable of writing about a certain subject advertise that on a free ad site. Also, check out what people or businesses might be looking for–this gives you another easy, yet effective way to quickly build your experience and your portfolio while getting paid. But keep in mind: this may take some time as you are building your freelance credibility.

Tools to keep around

As you continue to meet new people and expand your network, you need to always keep a few key tools with you at all times. You need a business card which you can easily make one via sites like Vista Print. Keeping a few extra copies of your updated resume can come in handy. And finally even if it’s thin on projects an updated project portfolio is a wonderful idea to have with you because it quickly shows potential employers your body of work, awards, credentials and projects you have completed.

Final thoughts

Before you know it, the time you have spent looking for a job has paid off. Although the job you found might not be glamorous or high-paying it gets you working and building your experience quickly. From there you keep on building your network by volunteering, freelancing and reaching out to other professionals using LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, research training opportunities and education–there are many ways to better yourself when it comes to learning something new! Overall, it may be a tough first year but it will be one of amazing growth and opportunity. Remember to never give up and stay focused on your personal and professional goals!

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