If you are a recent graduate, lack any job experience or simply re-entering the workplace after a time away one of the most important things to focus on is to build your resume as quickly as possible.

Here are a few pointers to build your job experience in just a year:

Get an entry-level job

The job isn’t the most glamorous but it gets your feet wet. Whether it be working in a factory, retail shop or restaurant getting a job is vital to acquiring experience as soon as possible.

Work hard

The job may be tough in the short term but you need to try your hardest to make a good impression. Take as many shifts as you can, help out your fellow co-workers and assist management. Learn as much as you when you are there. Also, do they offer any online training programs or other resources you can use?

Build strong networks

Use your time away from work to go to networking events and meetups. Connect with new people and find out what they do. Also use Facebook groups to network online as well as building your profile on LinkedIn. Building your network is key to landing new opportunities and growing your career.


Along with networking take time to educate yourself. There are a variety of online courses that you can take without breaking the bank; there are also free options. Do some research and find out what you want to educate yourself in. If you want to take more extensive courses call your local college and set-up a meeting with a counsellor. Remember: better training and education can mean a better chance for advancement and can offer you more job opportunities.

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