Building a professional network can help you in many ways. It helps you grow your career, builds your brand amongst other professionals and gives you some great connections to other industries. You unknowingly build your network each and ever day in everything you do–think about how many people you talk to and meet at work! You will be pleasantly surprised to how big your network really is. However, if you feel you need to consciously work on your network especially within a short period of time here are a few ways of doing so (in a month!)


Using LinkedIn is a definite must when it comes to growing your network especially online. By utilizing LinkedIn (with the free account and premium accounts) you can quickly and effectively grow your online network in a short time. Some quick networking tips are: reaching out to professionals in your industry and who share your specific job role. You can also connect with present and former employees. Your past peers can give you a great in to what they are doing now–perhaps giving you ideas for career development and growth.

Get to know your peers

We take our jobs for granted when it comes to meeting people. We see the same people and sometimes don’t get to know them especially on other professionals levels. Take some time and learn more about those that you work directly with. Also, there are other people you might know of but don’t really communicate with–make it a point to reach out and chat with them!

Join Facebook Groups for Professionals

Facebook is a great way to connect with people–it is also amazing way to build your professional network! Try seeking and joining public and closed professional Facebook groups. These groups open you to a mulitude of professionals where you can share posts, ideas and where you can also ask questions and develop professionally.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce

Your local COC is an exceptional source to building your professional network. Try joining up and make it to monthly networking events. The best thing is you will be connecting with professionals locally!

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