First off, what’s blueprinting? Blueprinting is method in building a network at a company you don’t work for. It is certainly a time-consuming endeavour and before embarking on this project you have to weigh the pros and cons. Is it worth spending time learning and connecting with employees and key figures in the company? Is it a company you intend in having a career with? Is it a brand; service or product you respect? If many of the questions above are answered with a yes then blueprinting is a great way to lay a foundation for a career with them.

Cold Calling

Sometimes the best way to find out information quickly is simply by picking up the phone! Call different departments and see if anyone can give you a minute or two of their time to answer your questions. Be sure to state who you are and the reason you are calling. Before you know it, you have several contact points within the company! This is perhaps one of the best Blueprinting methods available.

Social Media

You can learn a lot about people through their social media even if its a professional profile. LinkedIn is an amazing tool to find company hierarchy and who’s who there. Try and reach out using personalized invites when using LinkedIn. However, other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter are useless to finding more about key people. Some companies share press releases and other information about themselves. Follow these pages and reach out to see who you connect with!

Company website

Some company websites are brochure/static sites created to hold their information: contact info, history and product/service data and that’s it. You can still score a lot of pertinent information like ownership details. Other company websites are a little more robust. There is downloadable documents, social media is easily accessible, and there might be a media room. Gather all the information you can and build a portfolio.


This is a great tool for blueprinting companies. Search on the company and key people: you will get more people who are connected as well as information from other companies. Another great thing about Google is you can set up alerts so if you can get alerted to any news about the company you are researching on.

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