Being a team-player in any facet of life can be a rewarding and sometimes challenging experience. Sharing your knowledge with others in order to foster a more cohesive team or simply being kind can take you and your work team to the next level fast. Even if you have the principles of being a good team-player down pat here are a few tips on becoming the ultimate team player.

Be a Mentor

If you have more experience than your co-workers be sure to use that knowledge to guide them. Being a mentor is a great way to demonstrate your leadership and help your co-workers develop. And quite frankly your xo-workers will appreciate the guidance especially in a tough and challenging work environment.

Helping out

Being a good team player is about helping your co-workers even when you’re not in the mood. Whether it’s picking up a shift or helping them with a particularly tough task–be there to lend a helping hand.

Don’t Judge

It’s easier to judge rather then listen in some cases. Be sympathetic and give your co-workers a chance to be themselves. Did they do something you don’t agree with? Or simply don’t see eye-to-eye with them? That’s ok. That means there’s opportunity to learn and grow. Don’t stifle that growth by being judgemental.

Learn and listen

Do you know what your co-workers like to do? Their hobbies for example? If you don’t take the opportunity to listen and learn to what make your co-workers individuals and unique. By discovering more about them you are finding ways to building a stronger working relationship with them.

Team-building activities

Find ways to get your team out doing activities that will help the team form bonds and trust each other. Bowling is a easy and fun way to build team chemistry. Brainstorm with management to see what are some ways to really get the most out of the team!

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