Although the artist is typically a trained professional he or she must be original and creative in order to be truly successful. Same goes for your career development–you yourself are a trained professional, yet to separate yourself from the pack being creative is essential to building something special.

How can you be more creative in your career then?

Always look at new and exciting opportunities to build your career development. Seek out people who are creative then. Read books about being creative and thinking about your work in different ways. Read biographies and autobiographies of writers, artists and people who think outside the box!

Try studying how you can re-train your mind to open up and find ways to branch out your career. Look for companies that reflect your ideals and always challenge the status quo. This might not be for everyone however think about it–discover the options that you have around you to formulate a career that is unique and exceptional.

Lastly, try doing creative things. Draw, paint, photograph or write. Let your creative juices flow and it just might bleed into your career!

Image: BridgesWard

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