Doing a job search is usually not a fun endeavour. It basically means that you either need a job (because you don’t have one for a variety of reasons) or you are moving on and want something different. The typical process is handing out resumes or applying online. With the internet being so prevalent it is very easy to apply to a multitude of job postings from the comfort of your own home. However, are you yielding the results you want?

If you aren’t–are you willing to break out of your job search model that isn’t working? One of the best ways is to look at other ways of connecting with potential employeers. One of the best ways of doing so is by hitting the pavement and going to networking events and knocking on company doors. This method–which seems like will take the most time–actually will accelerate your job Search.


Because you are meeting people face-to-face. You are bringing a face to your resume. You are demonstrating your ability to meet people. You want to go out and connect. Quite simply put: you are leaving your home base to find a job in foreign territory. It is easy to send 100 resumes through the net…now try going to 10 businesses in your area face-to-face.

Don’t ask for a job

Unless you are dealing with a recruiter–never ask for a job! Focus on connecting with people and learning what you can do for them. Networking is about growing your brand. Be prepared with a 10-15 second elevator speech like: I am a sales pro with 5 years experience in the Food & Beverage sector. I specialize in consultative selling and always looking for new challenges. Obviously these speeches can be modified but you get the idea.

The more people you meet….

…the better chance of finding a job. Many jobs are NOT advertised. There are a host of reasons why companies don’t make their job search public. They want internal employees to refer other good people. Sometimes the effort of listing jobs online yields poor results. There are many reasons. However, stopping applying online and start making meaningful connections/relationships with people out there who can help you get a job. The more people you talk with and the more people that know what you do–one od these connections is bound to send you a job lead. Just be sure to ask for business cards, give your business card, and try to send a thank-you note to everyone you meet! Make sure the people you meet don’t forget you.

Start Monday morning

Your job search only starts when you are committed to putting many hours in. You need to build and cultivate your network just like when a gardener tends to his/her plants and flowers. Nurture it. Be responsible for it. And always be present.

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